Penis Size: Does it matter to women?

In response to the question: "What did you think of the article about women and penis size?" (that's the article on the home page of this website), posted in a women's forum, the following answers were given:

Actually, I think it had some valid points and it never actually condemned people of normal size or even those of less than normal. It merely analyzed how woman probably perceive size and dissected how men feel about it.

Right from the get go the perspective is already tainted. "The bigger the penis, the better the feeling". That quote alone says it all. Sure, it never outright said that a man with a normal penis is bad, but then again it doesn't really hide the fact that it's trying to say bigger is better, regardless. I'm not saying it doesn't make a difference, mind you.

I tend to agree with the site even though it might make guys insecure. I think it goes without saying that women generally prefer bigger penises to smaller or average. As women have become "liberated" so to speak they are like coming out of the closets and stating their preferences for size all over the place - tv, movies, talkshows, etc... Most girls I've known have admitted to getting excited about the prospects of guys with large penises.

But I do think guys overestimate the importance of penis size to women. It is important only up to a degree - one small part of a large package of characteristics she'll weigh.


Guys also relate penis size to their masculinity and their male status amongst women, whereas I don't think women think of it that way at all. A woman won't think that a guy with a bigger dick is superior to a guy with a smaller dick as a person or a male.

But she might believe there'll be more sensation during intercourse with that bigger male, and she's got more options to find her best sex positions -  where she can get most sensation.

She's looking at it as a tool to get her off, but not as a way to rate the superiority of the two males. If the smaller guy gets her off doing whatever he does, then she'll start to see him as a "provider of pleasure" and therefore the larger penis becomes less important.

She ultimately wants to get off and not knowing anything about the sexual abilities of two males a bigger penis might help, but nothing is assured.


I think I have to agree there. I'm usually the last person to advocate articles or posts that give men penis complexes (small or big), but initial attraction does seem to favor the larger males; but isn't something a woman will give significant weight to in the long run. A man's penis also correlates to confidence and demeanor in a lot of guys which can also be part of the initial attraction.


Excellent point. A lot of big guys tend to be really confident and walk with a swagger - something women also find sexually appealing.


That's because as human beings, we function on symbols. Just like a car, or a big house, or a nice yacht, a big penis is a symbol. I mean, the genitals are what fundamentally differentiates man and woman. Well, what better way to truly mark that very definition by having a large one?

Yes, it's pretty stupid. But at the same time, a lot of people function in that spectrum. There is a constant feedback from society that bigger is better. The website and your post have illustrated that. While you might not say that a bigger penis trumps all other qualities a man has, there are places that DO reflect that sentiment.

That's why in a movie when you see a guy who drives a nice car, has a lot of money, and maybe a big house, but has a small penis: BAM, all of his preconceived advantages get thrown out the window. Why? because he has a small cock.

Hey, Samantha in sex in the city illustrated this best. She meets the man of her dreams, she's convinced she's in love, and he basically has everything except he isn't very well endowed. But of course, that one fault, completely destroys the relationship.

That's how important they make a 6 inch length of flesh sustained by a system of bodily fluids look.

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If you think your penis is too small, buy a strap-on, for fuck's sake.

Ok, onto more sensible things. Sexual positions for men with a small penis. Are there men here who have a satisfying sex life with their partners where the wife fully enjoys sex?

Are there men here who don't have a penis-centric view on sexuality, meaning that not everything revolves around their penis and they fully understand that sexuality is far more than their desired "extra inch" ?

This is a good question and I hope some of our smaller sized posters give us a truthful response.

If more guys knew guys who admitted to being small and able to fulfil their girls it would probably do wonders. Most of the guys on the internet who say "size doesn't matter" then state their own size as being 7" or greater. Kind of deflates their argument.

I'm almost certain both of those answers should be a resounding yes. It's not like a guy with a small penis CAN'T have sex or something. It just means that he might have to reach more or something. Plus, anybody who knows how to work the clitoris can probably do a decent job too.

oh wait, this is where I talk about having an 8 incher right?


For me it's not about size. It's about how you use it. One of my ex's had a big one but the guy didn't know how to use it. What a waste of precious meat, heh? I would rather have someone with a small one but knows how to work it than an Egomaniac who is cold in the sheets.


There's a contradiction between your two sentences: "What a waste of precious meat, heh?" versus "I would rather have someone with a small one but knows how to work it."

Also, in your comparison, giving the small guy the advantage of knowing how to use it vs the big guy who doesn't also indicates you do think the bigger penised - one has a natural advantage, because otherwise you would have compared big vs small on equal technique ability.

Just another fluffed up sugar coated female post trying to conceal the way she really feels. Anybody with half a brain could see through it.

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