The Erect Penis: Erection size and shape

People think erections are usually straight, and that curved penises are unusual. Well, we set out here to put that impression right. Whatever the shape of your penis, it is normal! Read on to find out more about this.

The actual facts about erection shape

A penis may be a quite different shape when it is erect than when it is flaccid. It may bend in any direction along the shaft, both when you look down on it and when you look at it from the side.

In addition, the penile shaft may well have a curve to the side and well as upwards or downwards.

penis penis penis penis

Approximately 14% of penises bend to the left when you look down on them from above; about 85% of them are straight in this orientation, and a small number - one in a hundred - bends to the right.

When you look from the side, about 20% of penises curve upwards when erect; sixty percent are straight; and 15% curve downwards.

A significant number of penises - more than 7% - have a bend in two directions, up and left or down and left; rather fewer bend up or down and to the right.

If you are worried about the shape of your penis, then this email from a reader may be helpful:

I have a curved penis I used to worry about a lot when I was younger. Until I was 22 years old I disliked my penis and even went to an academic hospital to have it checked. It was since then that I learned to enjoy my penis. Due to the worries about the shape I didn't pay any attention to the size.

So only after my 22nd birthday I learned that it is above average in length and girth (7.5 x 6 inches). For those who worry I'd like to say that a curved penis is nothing to worry about.

Indeed, it can be helpful because in some sexual positions it gives and added boost of pleasure to the woman. I attached a few photos of my curve that you may publish on your website.

Looking from the front of the body at the erection

A penis that hangs to the left is likely to lean to the left when it becomes erect. This is quite normal - it has no bearing on how much you masturbate, or how you masturbate, or how you masturbated when you were a boy.

Over half of all penises dangle straight down when they are soft. One in four hangs to the left. One in six or so hangs to the right when it is flaccid.

penis penis

Pictures from Mensize

Does Size Matter?

Email from a reader:
A few years ago I gave you a contribution for the section 'erection size and shape. Then I sent three photos of my curved penis. Now I have one photo which you may add if you like!

My reply:
Thanks. I will use the picture, and I'd also be very interested to hear if the curve in what looks like a pretty large erect cock has had any impact on the way you have sex ....that information will add substance to the general picture for the website readers. Best wishes.

His response:
My curved erection being large has never given me any trouble having sex with women. I can say I have only experience with women here. Erect my penis is large, but not that it causes any problems. It's 19 x 15.5 cm which is really not huge (7.5 x 6.1 inches).

For the record: the size of my erect penis sometimes gives a little trouble during oral sex. The girth of the head sometimes gives trouble that in a few occasions it was not possible to fit in the mouth.

Probably depends on how aroused I am and on the size of the mouth. More aroused means that my penis is harder and more filled. This can, of course, produce better and more rewarding intercourse - but then, of course, so can knowing some more sophisticated sexual techniques.

The reactions like "wow, you have a large erection" have always been nice to hear! In addition, I just read a question on your website asking someone if he ever was teased at school because of his size.

I could answer this question. I was admired but also I happened to get teased. When I was younger, I was stupid enough to compare erections. It's what guys do. There was one guy would remind me in an uncomfortable way about my penis.

During school reunions he would make a remark! Especially since I was never really aware of the size but more concerned about the shape of my cock. Years later, I realized he was not making comments about the curved shape, but about my cock being large. Best wishes, curvedp.

(Click on this picture to enlarge it)

Please remember that maintaining good health is essential to maintaining good sexual function and there is always going to be a day of reckoning if you don't look after your physical health !

The angle of the erection dangle

As with every other aspect of penile behavior, the questions have been asked!

The angle of the erection from the vertical declines as you get older - and although young men may be distressed that their cock is sticking up against their stomach, many an older man would envy this symbol of youthful virility!

The erect and upright shaft is considered to be at zero degrees from the vertical. Then:

Angle downwards from vertically upward (degrees)

Percent of men with an erect penis like this

0 - 30 as upright as it gets


30 - 60 a bit lower but still hard and up


60 - 85 nearing the horizontal


85 - 95 or horizontal, sticks out in front


95 - 120 or pointing down


120 - 180 or pointing down



Pictures from Images of Size.

All these penis photos show the penis at maximum erection.

penis penis

penis penis

penis penis

x13.jpg (22455 bytes) penis

And what if your penis is different from the majority?

There is in fact no such thing as an average penis, at least not in terms of shape.

So in this sense you cannot be different - millions of men share the shape and size of your penis.

Having said that, I do know from my work with men that those whose whose penises are very different from the majority of their friends or colleagues at the gym, say, can worry unduly about it.

The fact is this: if your penis gets erect, and you can make love with it, then it is doing all it needs to do!

However, if you have a problem with the appearance or shape of your cock, then write to us and we will offer you any help we can.

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