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The number one concern of many men is whether their penis matches up to the average size and shape of the adult penis.

Why? Well, it's a fact that men can agonize and worry about penis size -- of course, meaning that they think their penis is too small. The truth is that what you have is nearly always good enough, and it's what you do with it that makes it a tool for giving great pleasure to both you and your sexual partners.

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However, the anxiety you feel around penis size may lead you to perform poorly in bed, perhaps with sexual dysfunctions such as the ever present curse of premature ejaculation and the less well known but almost as common (and somewhat unusual) male sexual dysfunction known as delayed ejaculation.

Porn is criticized for many reasons, but one of them is particularly relevant to this discussion of penis size perceptions: so-called actors in so-called adult movies are in fact usually hugely endowed with an abnormal sexual capacity.

What you see on the screen is not like real life, and it's not necessary for you to try and live up to those images. Indeed, the only thing that matters about penis size is whether your size satisfies you and your partner.

Dieting and fitness for men (and women)

The reality is that men may wish to build a better body to impress women - nothing wrong with that!

The mutual attraction of the sexes depends on secondary sex characteristics like muscular development and buttock shape and size, so why would men not wish to accentuate their natural masculine form?

While not mentioning sexual fitness in their promotional material, it is true that both of them lead to better sex because they provide a way of enjoying longer lasting (they allow more exertion) and more satisfying sex.

Penis Size

The truth is sexual enjoyment and sexual pleasure matter most. And indeed, worries about penis size may cause men to actually develop premature ejaculation.

Now cause I know these are easy things to say, because men are very competitive around penis size, and it does indeed occupy a great deal of our time and energy. So to try and introduce a little bit more objectivity into this debate, here are some simple facts that you may not know. It's much more important to overcome premature ejaculation and be a good lover than a big-dicked stud.

First of all, it is true that there are differences between races, so that black men do tend to have larger penises than white men, who in turn tend to have larger penises than Asian men. But it's also true that what you see in the locker room is not necessarily related in any way to the size and shape of a man's erection.

If you have pearly penile papules (see picture), you might want to look for more  information about this disfiguring penile condition. Just type pearly peniel papules into Google to discover more.

If all that matters is the size of the sexual organ that's you present to a sexual partner, then logically, penis size in the locker room is a matter of complete irrelevance.

And yet of course, we know it's not: which does imply that a massive amount of the debate around penis size, not to mention the feelings of inferiority that can be engendered in a man who feels his penis is less than average size, is about some kind of competitive force between men.

It is an extraordinary fact that in our "civilized" society, penis size should be a factor of such major importance.

It's also ironic that not only is flaccid penis size unrelated to erection size, it's actually affected by the temperature of the air or water, the degree of sexual stimulation you're feeling, and how much fat a man has on his body just above his penis.

Penis size

penis size - large and small compared

But despite this, we know that men are absorbed in the question of penis size, and so it is interesting to discover what the average size of the adult male penis actually is.

The trouble is that when you do a survey in which men are asked to measure their own penises, they tend to respond with data which shows the average size as being an inch greater than is actually the case!

To get a reliable estimation of penis size you have to turn to surveys that have been done by medical professionals, and perhaps unsurprisingly, there are not many of those around.

The most reliable of them indicate that the average length of the penis along the upper surface is 5.9 inches, with a girth or circumference of 4.9 inches.

Since this is an average size it will occur to you that roughly half of the male members of the the human race are above this and roughly half are below it. Therefore if you see yourself as being below average size, you're definitely not alone!

Unfortunately you may wish for a bigger penis, and spend emotional energy agonizing over your perceived size or trying to find some way of making your cock bigger, rather than directing your energy and time to accepting yourself as you are.

Nothing shows this more clearly than the huge amount of propaganda that's been devoted to traction devices, pills, lotions, and exercises that are alleged to enlarge the penis.

Let me emphasize again that success in intercourse, or indeed in any sexual interaction with another person, is not about size of your penis: it's actually about matters such as mutual understanding, intimacy, respect, love and communication.

Even so, you may feel that you still want to investigate the possibility of enlarging your penis. The harsh reality that you're going to have to face is that there is actually no way that you can enlarge your penis.

There are no pills which will make it bigger -- I think you'd be incredibly na´ve if you believed that anyway. Exercises which involve pulling on the semi-erect penis have to be done so vigorously and so harshly to produce any increase in size that you risk serious damage to the internal structure of the penis (possibly causing Peyronie's disease).

And finally, surgical operations which have been touted as a reliable way to increase the length and girth of the erect penis carry significant risks: to start with, the nerves that supply all sensation to the penis lie directly under the tissues which are cut in a penile lengthening operation, which means that if you opt for surgery to lengthen the penis you risk ending up with a penis that's neither capable of becoming erect nor capable of giving you any sexual pleasure.

Indeed, even when these two dangers are avoided, it's common for the penis to shrink further after the operation and appear shorter than before, due to scar tissue formation.

As for thickening the penis, the usual method is to take fat from under the skin of other parts of the body and inject it around the penis. This is unstable, and the fat will be reabsorbed fairly rapidly, giving an unpleasant appearance to the penis, and a negligible increase in size, after a few months.

Relationships and Sex

While there are many aspect to a relationship, one of the most important is sex. Men and women can find sex rewarding, troublesome, satisfying, exciting, disappointing, and indeed anything in between.

But to keep a sexual relationship alive and working well, what is definitely needed is mutual understanding, support, and above all, love. Well - love. A problem for so many men, yet so vital to the human condition. And the state most women would naturally like to be in, if only men would let them.... how can we ever resolve the differences between men and women on so many fronts?

Forgive me for stating the obvious, perhaps, but we could learn more about love. We could find out how to love better, how to get over the emotional baggage of the past, and how to become more at ease with members of the opposite sex.

And so I introduce you  - proudly - to which can tell you so much more about love, and how to make a man fall in love with a woman. And this, if you are interested, tells you all about the nature of love.

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