Man On Top Sex Positions

Man on top is the most common sex position around the world. There are certainly many variations of it, and it definitely doesn't need to be boring. The normal way of having man on top face-to-face sex is for the woman to lie on her back with the size apart on her knees slightly bent.

The man positions himself between her legs, supporting his weight on his knees and elbows as far as possible in order that he doesn't squash her!

 Generally the man will have his legs inside his partner's, and she can move her knees closer together or further apart to accommodate him as they make love.

Woman On Top Sex Positions

Men don't understand that it isn't always necessary or even desirable for the woman to have an orgasm.

Men are very hung up on knowing how to make a woman come. They don't appreciate that women don't necessarily need to come (i.e. reach orgasm) for sex to be an enjoyable experience for them.


Supercharge Your Sexual Stamina With Total Ejaculation Mastery!

I know from working in the field that one of the most painful tings for men is to have some form of sexual dysfunction.

The most common form of sexual dysfunction is premature ejaculation. That's when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates too soon. What is too soon? Well, before either he, or in many cases his partner, have achieved sexual satisfaction. Or, rather, enough of the pleasure and satisfaction they would like to have during intercourse.

Now I admit that in some cases two minutes of intercourse is enough to keep a couple happy, especially if the woman has reached orgasm before the man ejaculates.

But the truth is that most women, and many men, would like intercourse to last for great deal longer than it actually does, no matter how satisfying they find their orgasms.

The interesting thing is that it isn't difficult to discover how to control PE easily. Most men don't do this because they haven't actually learned how to do it. And of course it's embarrassing to discuss this subject with their friends, or a therapist, or their doctor.

We know that very few men actually seek help with premature ejaculation. But learning how to last longer in bed for men is surprisingly easy. All you need is the right techniques and tools, the sexual techniques that will allow you to develop more "sexual stamina". This means the ability to control the level of arousal you reach during intercourse so that you don't "pop" before you want to.

Are you struggling with an unbearable urge to ejaculate, or you have no idea how you might be able to last longer in bed? Are you spending time grimly hanging on, gritting your teeth, trying not to come? Then it's about time you took some action to get constructive premature ejaculation treatment.

All in all, premature ejaculation is very common. Oh dear. Let's whisper it - so many men (about half of all men) suffer from it. So what can be done about it? Well, you could use a program like Ejaculation By Command, written by sex therapist and internet training guru Lloyd Lester. It's one of the most highly regarded programs on the web.

Porn Addiction

Another sexual problem is porn addiction. You may not think of this as a sexual dysfunction, but I'm very clear that it is.

One of the reasons that so many men have delayed ejaculation these days is that men have become addicted to pornography. It's a truism that nothing in pornography mirrors real life, certainly not the real sexual experience of the majority of men and women alive today, but there is an addictive, powerful quality about porn on the Internet.

Furthermore, when a man is addicted to porn, he finds it difficult to know how to have better sex, which is an absolute tragedy because the situation compounds itself into a circular problem real sex with a real partner becomes less appealing and less satisfying, so a man turns to Internet porn for sexual stimulation, which reinforces the addiction.

Delayed Ejaculation

Another common sexual dysfunction is delayed ejaculation. This is the opposite - in some ways - of premature ejaculation. However, it is far more distressing for men who experience it, and certainly for their partners, than PE.

Men who can't ejaculate during intercourse convey the message to their partners that they're resentful or angry. Maybe they feel their partners are not giving them sexual pleasure. Women with a man who has delayed ejaculation can come to think they are not attractive. They may also assume they are not sexually desirable, or that they are not turning their man on.

And yet all this suffering is for nothing, because it's extremely easy to overcome delayed ejaculation. What you need is an effective and powerful treatment such as you can find here.

While we are on the subject of sexual health and other health problems, it's worth remembering that sex is only part of a bigger picture. You need a holistic approach to your health and well-being to ensure that you enjoy the best possible sex.


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