Sex Rhythm & Movements

Intense and pleasurable sensations tend to bring automatic or reflex movements of the hips in both man and woman. It is highly important that this reflexive hip movement be controlled as far as possible.

Too violent movements may separate the organs, or, what is more serious, may serve to bring on the manís orgasm and loss of erection before the woman has had time to develop hers.

At the beginning, and until the couple are more skilled in the process, it is best for the man to rest a few moments after inserting his penis the full length in the vagina.

In most cases the latter organ is surprisingly flexible, especially when the woman is thoroughly excited, and there need be small concern that the penis will be too long.

The considerate lover will, however, make his entrance carefully, to avoid causing his bride any discomfort which may take the edge off her sexual excitement.

She will learn in time how to increase the vigor and intensity of her movements so as to produce her own climax at the same time or quickly after his.

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The Orgasms

For the man the orgasm is that stage in the process of sexual excitement where the delight in the act reaches its greatest intensity, and the internal glands release the supply of seminal fluids and propel them out through the urethra by a series of rhythmic contractions.

Under ordinary circumstances his orgasm may be produced in five minutes or less, but he will find it more satisfying to prolong the fore-play leading to it for a considerable period of time.

Since simultaneous orgasm is the most satisfactory, it is best for the man to postpone his orgasm, if possible, until just after his woman has started hers.

Since the ability to maintain erection after entrance averages only from 3 to 5 minutes, it is important for the woman to have been thoroughly aroused before the penis is inserted.

Following the orgasm the penis quickly relaxes, becomes soft and loses most of its sexual sensitiveness.

For the woman the orgasm produces no ejaculation of fluid, but is the climax of a series of thrilling and ecstatic sensations in the vagina, and the clitoris, and is accompanied by a series of quick, gasping breaths.

This series of spasmodic throbs lasts about ten seconds or less, and then dies away, leaving her relaxed and spent. In some women more than one orgasm is and even necessary, to discharge her battery of desire.

Should this prove to be the regular pattern of the womanís sexual performance then the man will need to use one of three possible means to satisfy her.

(i) He may, if he is able, postpone his own orgasm until she is ready for her second or third and then finish his own simultaneously with her.

(2) If she has been thoroughly aroused the man may continue clitoris stimulation until she has her orgasm and is completely satisfied.

(3) He may rest a while acid then proceed in the usual manner if time and his own sexual capacity permit.

The After-play

Just as a couple finds peculiar delight in the foreplay which leads to orgasm, so they may also find pleasure and benefit in the after-play which follows it.

Instead of drawing apart they should continue the embrace without separating the organs, shifting only so as to lie with both heads in a comfortable position. If they can drift off to sleep in this position so much the better.

The sense of unity and mutual love which envelops them as the pleasures of the orgasm slowly fade may be as beautiful and as memorable as a lovely sunset.

To drift peacefully into slumber, held closely in the arms of oneís beloved is one of the crowning joys of married fellowship.

Gauging Emotional Progress

After the entrance has been made, and the man has rested until he is sure of his control, an occasional forward and backward movement of the penis in the vagina will help to intensify the stimulation for both.

Just how long or how rapid these movements should be, and whether it is best for only one member of the couple to make them is a matter to be learned by experience. If movements by the man tend to bring on his orgasm too soon he must learn to wait and let his woman play the active part.

In the man-above position he can lift himself slightly to his knees and elbows so that she is free to make up-and-down, circular, or sidewise movements in whatever manner best suits her need.

In the woman-above position she has even opportunity to make the most satisfactory movements.

Care should always be taken not to separate the organs completely, but to make the movements in such fashion that stimulation is provided in two distinct places with each movement:

(1) inside, where the enlarged glans of the penis rubs and presses against the mouth of the uterus and along the vagina, and

(2) outside, where the area about the base of the penis makes and breaks its contact with the clitoris and with the lips of the vulva.


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Increasing Stimulation

In addition to making the rhythmic movements of the hips, some women learn to have considerable control of the muscle which encircles the vagina about an inch inside the external opening.

Ability to control this muscle, squeezing the vagina firmly around the penis, greatly increases the stimulation in both sets of organs. It is usually much less violent than the hip movement and can be as gentle or as vigorous as she wishes to produce the proper effect on her man and herself.

As the orgasm approaches, the rhythmic contraction of the vaginal muscles becomes automatic, and with the clitoris and vagina throbbing with stimulation, it is not difficult to bring on the womanís orgasm with a few swift movements.

A word or signal to her man that she is ready will be his cue to unite with her in the last movement to the climax.

If the man feels his orgasm coming on before she has given the signal, he can let her know and control ejaculation.

The frequency with which man and woman may properly engage in sexual relations is a subject of considerable anxiety on the part of many couples.

Some who are well adjusted and get a great sense of satisfaction from them, may at times wonder whether they are not too self indulgent and tend to develop a guilt complex.

Others who fail to find in these innate experiences the satisfaction they had hoped, question whether the factor of frequency may not have something to do with their disappointment.

In general it may be said that where a couple secures a high degree of emotional satisfaction on most occasions, the question of frequency is of rather small importance. It is the quality of the experience rather than its frequency that is the largest factor in determining its value.

Needless to say, when making love, any sexual dysfunction needs to be addressed - and that includes delayed ejaculation or any other ejaculation problems such as premature ejaculation.

While it is possible to indulge too frequently, that danger is relatively small where both partners are considerate of one another and each gets a full measure of satisfaction out of such relationships.

Satisfied people do not overvalue sex. Being satisfied, they crave no outside sexual excitement. Having learned how to gain full satisfaction, they are safe to approach each other purely in response to their real desires.

They need not worry about how many times per month. If every episode of sexual relations satisfies them both, they are highly unlikely to overdo the business. If their meetings are unsatisfactory they are very likely to continue restlessly trying to gain satisfaction, to the loss of both health and peace of mind.

Those men and women who know how to share the experience from beginning to end, are usually free from the disturbances that create so much turbulence in human beings, and issue in a variety of actions unserviceable to themselves and to society.

For them, sex has its intense and significant meanings at appropriate seasons; for the rest, they move about their daily tasks free from its disabling distractions.


In practical life there are three motives for engaging in sexual intercourse in relationship: (a) the conception of a child, (b) the expression of mutual affection, and (c) the releasing of sexual tensions. Often, more than one of these motives is involved in a single instance of intercourse but each deserves a separate discussion.

The Conception of a Child

Biologically, the chief goal of sexual intercourse is the conception of offspring. This objective, and the various problems relating to it will be considered more fully in a subsequent chapter dealing with children. Here it is sufficient to say that for most married couples something more than biology is at stake.

The personal and the spiritual values associated with this intimate function of married living extend far beyond the mechanics of fertilization.

In the well-adjusted, happy relationship, most occasions of sexual intimacy will be motivated largely by a mutual desire to express through physical channels the love each feels for the other.

Just as one gladly accepts kisses from a loving partner, so one responds with a similar readiness to the caressing which leads to the full sexual embrace, provided the circumstances and the occasion be appropriate.

When the couple finds how to secure for both partners the satisfying release which should follow the orgasm, their bodily union comes to symbolize for them that spiritual fellowship which is lifeís greatest joy.

In view of this fact, sexual union should not be Allowed to degenerate into a casual indulgence to be undertaken anywhere, at any time, and disposed of III a hurried fashion.

Regard should be had for the proper setting and adequate preliminaries, and also, should be time for subsequent relaxation. If sexual union is to become and remain a high symbol of mutual affection, it should be reserved for times and circumstances that allow for completeness of ritual. Only so can the couple hope to derive the full benefit of this relationship.

Sex Positions For Intercourse
Positions for Intercourse

When a couple has passed through the necessary steps of sexual excitation and are ready to make the entrance the problem of the position to be assumed arises.

Any position is right, any position is proper which permits full sexual enjoyment for both parties.

However, some positions may help a man with delayed ejaculation to ejaculate faster. Some positions may help a man with premature ejaculation to hold back and delay orgasm.

All parts of the body are equally proper for use, provided they can be made to contribute to the happiness of this relationship and do not offend against the taste or feelings of either partner.

Human beings have to learn how to perform when engaging in sexual relations; they are not instinctively prepared for it.

Each couple must find by experimentation which positions best suit their personal tastes and body-build. No one way is best for all people, or under all circumstances.

Among the factors which determine the most satisfactory positions are: the slant and depth of the vagina; the high or low placement of the clitoris on the pelvis, the amount of fatty tissue on and about the hips, the comparative length of the two bodies, the length and slant of the erect penis, the presence or absence of pregnancy, and most important of all, the ability of the woman to experience the orgasm in a given position.

The Man Above Sex Position

The most common position for intercourse is probably that in which the woman lies on her back with knees flexed and spread apart to give easy access to the vaginal opening. The man lies between her legs, and bending forward above her, supports his weight on one arm.

In this position he guides the penis into the vaginal opening with his free hand, being careful to insert it at about a forty-five degree angle downward. After the entrance, the relative position of the two may be shifted so that both may be comfortable.

Enough of the manís weight can be borne on his elbow or knee so he will not bear down too heavily on the woman. The couple are now in a position where kisses and caresses and whispered suggestions may be easily exchanged.

A little practice will indicate how much freedom the woman needs to move about beneath, in order to make the necessary contacts for her continued stimulation as she progresses toward orgasm.

A variation of this position is that in which after entrance is made as above, the woman straightens one leg, and the man puts one of his outside it, so that the womanís leg comes between his two.

Male problems such as delayed ejaculation can be solved with good communication and openness.

This makes it possible for both to lie comfortably with legs extended, the man resting mostly on his side. In some cases it will also give opportunity for a more direct pressure on the connected organs.

This position has the advantage of being less tiring when intercourse continues for some time, and gives freedom for considerable movement without the risk of separating the organs.

When, as it occasionally happens, the penis is too long for the womanís vagina, still another variation in this position is practicable. After making the entrance the woman straightens her legs and the man spreads his so that he is outside both of hers.

In this position he is lifted somewhat higher than usual and the penis cannot reach quite so far into the vaginal canal. With some care and experience the proper stimulation of the clitoris can be combined with the proper internal movements without breaking connection or causing the woman any discomfort.

The woman on top sex position

This may be accomplished in either of two ways. Connection may be made as in the man-above position, after which they roll over so that the woman is on top, care being taken not to separate the united organs.

Or, the man lies on his back with legs extended while his woman kneels astride him with her legs spread so as to facilitate the insertion of the penis into the vagina.

She then leans forward and straightens her body upon his, or rests her weight mostly upon her arms as she may prefer.

This is not only a pleasing variation in sex play, but some women are able to obtain orgasm only in this position.

It permits the woman to adjust her position so that she can get the proper pressure on her clitoris against the manís pubic bone, and obtain her orgasm even after he may have been premature with his ejaculation.

The Side By Side Sex Position


There are two or three of these but they are in fact little more than further adaptations of the face-to-face relationships found in the man-above and woman-above positions.

Perhaps the commonest is that in which the man lies on his left side with his left leg drawn up at a right angle to his body and the woman lies on her right side with the hollow of her waist across the manís thigh.

It is possible for her to place her left leg over her manís right leg and so adjust her hips that the entrance can be readily made.

When this has been done she rests upon him very much as in the woman-above position previously described except that her hips still rest upon the bed below the manís drawn up thigh.

Not every couple finds this position one which suits their bodily proportions but it is most convenient for others. For fat people it is especially difficult.

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The Sedentary Sex Positions

There are two of these. One in which the man lies on his back and the woman sits upright leaning back against his drawn up knees after inserting the penis into the vagina. This was one of the favored Roman positions and is the most passive of all for the man.

The other is where the man sits upon a low chair or stool, a foot or so in height, and the woman sits on his lap facing him with her legs encircling his hips and resting on the floor behind him.

It is seldom effective or satisfying unless the woman can brace herself somewhat with her feet on the floor so as to make those particular movements which will afford her the proper stimulation to produce the orgasm.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Entry from the rear may be accomplished in several different ways.

(i) The woman may assume the knee-chest position, kneeling on her knees and resting her elbows on a pillow or the floor, and the man kneeling behind her makes the entry facing her back and encircling her waist with his arms.

Rarely is the penis long enough to extend far into the vagina because the latter is flanked at the rear by the fleshy buttocks. If she squeezes her thighs together after penetration the organs are less likely to separate.

 Some women prefer this position during pregnancy to avoid pressure on the abdomen.

Others who need special finger stimulation for the clitoris, and those intensely stimulated by fondling the breasts may find this position satisfactory.

It is also suitable where the manís penis is much too long for the womanís vagina, though this is not the only method overcoming this difficulty.

The use of a disk of sponge rubber with a hole cut for the penis will prevent too deep an insertion and at the same time give the clitoris the pressure it needs for adequate stimulation.

(2) A second method of rear entry is similar to the preceding except that the woman lies on her side and the man approaches from the rear. This is usually more restful for both and permits of a more satisfactory fore-play and after-play because it is not so tiring.

(3) Another rear-entry position is especially useful when for any reason entrance into the vagina is inadvisable, such as after an operation on the uterus or vagina.

Following suitable fore-play the woman lies face downward with her legs close together and the man lying upon her inserts the penis in the groove between the thighs so that it touches moves along the external folds of the vulva and clitoris.

In this position the man can enjoy all the normal sensations and by means of supplementary clitoral stimulation the woman can usually have her orgasm too.

By turning her face to one side the woman is in position to kiss and be kissed and if she enjoys having her man fondle her breasts or manipulate her clitoris he will be free to do so.