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Question: A man asks: If a man's penis is five inches or less, has he only got the option of man on top for sex? That's about my size, and I want to know how other men manage.

I find that every time I enter my wife and start to thrust, my penis just pops out if we're using any sex position other than the man on top or missionary. This is becoming a real problem for me, and although I've had sex with several other women, my penis size has never been an issue before.

Answer 1: Are you perhaps getting to hung up on the issue of penis size? After all, sex is bout more than the mechanics of thrusting! Why don't you try being less self-conscious about the size of your penis ad just go for it. In other words, I mean, why don't you just try fucking for fucking's sake and have a good time. Relax!

two penises of very different sizes

Answer 2: The question may be more about how big you and she are in body size. I am the same length and I have indeed popped out from time to time, but I think this happens to every one.

What we have found is that it is more about how fat we are - if your partner is a fat woman, you may not be able to get your penis into her vagina without a risk of it falling out, and you have to take shorter strokes to keep it in there.

Answer 3: I think I can identify with this. I too pop out and find that my penis at five inches is too short for some positions - especially the side by side ones, which are sexy because you can see what you are doing!

Answer 4: But why does it matter? If you are happy with good sex in one position, then why seek out more?

 That may sound unambitious, but the thing is that neither my wife nor I are going to lose several stones, and short of me growing a twelve inch penis (which seems unlikely) there is nothing to be done except to accept the situation. Spooning is out - though that has more to do with our body size than my penis size - and we do manage rear entry if I hold her close.

Answer 5:
I have tried several sex positions but I find that only missionary and doggy style work well for me. My penis is about five inches long.

Answer 6: Thanks, everyone. The fact is my wife's not fat, and nor am I. I'm 6 feet, 170 pounds, she's 5'4", 125 pounds. So body size isn't a problem for us. What happens when we try doggy style is that my penis goes in, but it just keeps popping out.

So then, rather than focusing on what we're doing, I start worrying about how we're doing it. We don't try doggy or spooning for these reasons, but I still want to.

Answer 7:
Yes, the answer you're all missing is woman on top - whatever her size, big or small, she can give you the greatest pleasure if she climbs on you and rides up and down your cock.

Just make sure she doesn't go too fast or too hard in case you pop out - if she hits your penis with her full weight it's not only painful but can be dangerous too. You don't want a broken penis!

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Answer 8: Well, I disagree with many of you here. My penis is 4.75 inches long, tops, and my wife is a big woman, and we successfully had sex in the missionary and doggy style.

Sure, we did occasionally have problems with the woman on top game, but that was easily remedied - she just moved up and down less.

I did pop out of her on occasion, but probably because my penis was so hard and upright when erect - it wanted to lie against my belly rather than go into her pussy!

Answer 9: The answer to this perennial question is for you to adapt the classic positions so that you can find something that is more comfortable.

For example, in doggy position, the woman can keep her legs together so that she exerts more pressure on the man's penis and he is less likely to thrust as far and as hard (he has more feeling if she keeps her legs closed). A small penis is not such a hardship - you just need to experiment to find the right sex positions.

Answer 10: A most practical piece of advice: if you don't try to have sex because of the fear of your penis coming out of her vagina, you'll never get any pussy! My advice would be just do it - if you pop out while you're making love, just pop your dick right back in and carry on!

Answer 11:
The answer is practice and patience - and not to be worried if you just want to use a few familiar and comfortable positions. You don't have to be a sexual adventurer.

Answer 12: Hi Here is a good one: this is especially good for women, if you can get the rhythm and the movement right. In fact, as a sex position for a man with a small penis, it's unbeatable.

Another thread - opening post

No doubt some of us have more of a SPP than an actual small penis. SPP = Small penis personality. What does this mean? I think it means that sometimes men tend to pity their endowment because it is less than what they think would be the ideal penis size.

What is the ideal penis size?

I think it varies by individual, but generally I think ideal for most would be 7 inches. Theirs is above average at 6 inches and yet they think it's small.

A small penis personality is common throughout posts on Measurection - . Those of us who are endowed as truly small by even conservative definitions are looking and reading in utter amazement. How could anyone complain about having a 6 incher? Some of us have barely 50% of that.

I note many here who claim to have 3 to 4 inches and yet they don't live a daily pity party -- or yes, it's more appropriately called "Small Penis Personality".

Maybe it can be fun to have a true small penis. I think it is actually. It's all a matter of your level of self esteem and how you view yourself.

Certainly there are guys with truly small penises yet are smart as hell and have done something significant in their career. I personally know such persons here on Measurection -- won't name names.

But they do not live a daily pity party over their short comings. It is obvious in their posts that they are positive thinkers.

Believe me -- they have every excuse to have a small penis personality, but they don't. Why? People are different in many ways and it's just too hard (no pun intended) to pinpoint what the key is.

I think depression accounts for most of our problems dealing with having a smaller than average penis. Perhaps it is what causes small penis personality as well.

Today there are all kinds of prescription drugs one can take which will help boost your self esteem. You do not have to always go to a psychiatrist to get an anti-depressant.

You can get them from your internist or family doctor. It really depends on your relationship with your doctor as to whether he/she will prescribe an anti-depressant for you.

In my case, last year, I was depressed. A few things caused my depression -- the health of my family, a break-up between me and my partner, and an accident I had. I had 3 huge setbacks to deal with although I will say the break-up I had was a positive thing for me.

But, it was a change to go through and I moved to a new location where I knew few if any people. I explained all this to my internist and he prescribed Celexa at a very low dose. It did the trick. I was on it for 4 to 5 months.

First time in my life I ever took an anti-depressant. It's not crazy people that take them always, but crazy people do take them.

I think everyone owes it to themselves to live as good a life as they can. A constant pity party or small penis personality (SPP) is a dead end street. It just does nothing to make you feel good about yourself or anything else for that matter.

Why do it?

Maybe you are so far gone you have no choice. Get out of that dead end and vow to make a change. Any change will be a good change when you start at rock bottom.

But, I do recommend that you seek help for your condition. Don't let your life tick away and then find out later at retirement age how easy it would have been to get help.

Just because you are a man doesn't mean you can't ask for directions. Stop. Get help. Ask your friends who they see for a therapist. Join a group therapy program. You don't have to pay $100 to $200 an hour for a therapist. If you can't afford it, say so and they generally offer a sliding scale rate plan - so you get help.

Let's get out of our small penis personalities and get into having a positive upbeat personality. No, you can't make your penis grow and don't even think about surgery. You will screw yourself up good and proper with that.

Try to get help and get that temporary (or even permanent) chemical imbalance in your brain straightened out. It can be better, but we got to be open to taking the step to help ourselves. No one can do it for you.

In response

I couldn't agree more. I've been told over the years I have a small penis but never the personality that goes with it. I have been accused of many things by girlfriends such as:

  • being an insensitive uncaring brute.

  • dumb redneck jock from a hick state

  • staying in the military because nobody else would hire me.

  • I'm compensating for a small penis by lifting weights, being aggressive, and driving a big truck.

I'm 6 ft 2in and 210 pounds former college football player and Navy shipbuilder and I can more than adequately defend myself physically. Yes, I drive a large black 4X4 truck which gets referred to as a SPS truck by women (including my current gf). I just answer: Yes, you're exactly right!!

Another response

You know, that's such a good, in-your-face summation of all the important stuff, at least as seen from the viewpoint of a very manly male, that it truly deserves to be recognized with the appropriate award for "Quote of the Day."

From the guy who originally responded

Thank you for the compliment! As you probably guessed from my quotes, I was never very good with debate and argument. I'm sure that comes from my rural Alabama boyhood and growing up on a 1200 acre farm.

I also get dissed for carrying a gun but my job requires it and gives me a permit-to-carry. I've learned to let the gun be part of my rugged looks and "sexual charm " (LoL) For instance:

I usually get home from work before T does so I often take off my shirt and pants and wear the gun around my boxers. When she gets home I'm kicked back on the sofa and watching sports with a beer.

This is sure to get some comment such as: I hope the neighbors didn't see you like that or my fav: those 9mms look like something I've seen before on you (ooouch). Ah well, it's all in good fun, I think.

And another man chips in:

I think all men have a small penis personality. It's fascinating that guys with 9 inch penises are sitting around fretting about all the guys who are bigger than 9 inches, whether their girlfriends have been with them or will meet them, and whether they will prefer them when they do.

Like many guys who were not, I thought that I was smaller than average when young.

Nowadays, penises are on display all over the internet, but they were not then. But one saw a father, older brother or a guy who happened to go through puberty sooner and the difference was profound and apparent.

Also, a grower whose 2 inch penis grew to 6 inches erect would see a shower with a 4 inch flaccid penis, assume that he elongated 300%, did the math and thought OMG.

Those miscalculations coupled with males' natural competitive tendencies, combine to plant a seed in the brain at a young age that we have come up short in some pecking order. We are not willing to discuss our concerns with others at that age, so the misperception persists.

And again:

Even though I have probably the smallest dick in my gym I don't have the personality that goes with it. My buddies and I sometimes go to our gym in the evening after the crowd goes home and the manager relaxes the rules for us.

Several times he said we could work out and get comfortable as long as nobody objected It's a small local gym used by firemen and some cops and we are all friends for the most part.

I've done my workout in a jockstrap and/or briefs and likewise for the others. We all know what the other guy is packing so nothing is a surprise.

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