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A man asks: I would really like to know what a good penis size is for most people?

These are the answers he received...

1 If I had my way all men would be blessed with between 8" and 9" and as thick as a toilet paper roll core...

AND they would have full control over their ejaculation time so they don't' cum too quick and repeatedly leave me frustrated and ready to KILL, like Someone I know...

AND they would never go soft until *I* am TOTALLY satisfied.

Does this answer your question?

2 For me, and I am only speaking for MYSELF here: Anything less than 7.5 is more amusement than thrill. [superficial cow! she should try oral sex positions]

3 I have been with quite a few guys ranging in size, i find that i have had most fun with guys around 7 inches long with a good thickness, i have had 1 guy who was a bit over 8 inches and while it was nice he had trouble keeping it hard. So for me a 7 inch cock that is rock hard is perfect.

4 My penis is smaller then the ones described in this thread. I can almost guarantee that every man who reads this thread will be possibly somewhat dismayed.

5 Sorry guys, but the bigger the penis, the better the penis. As long as it isn't that big that it doesn't fit.

6 And the smaller the better as regards pussy size, too.

penis size comparison

7 Yes! I am right there with ya - the bigger the penis the better! But I agree that there IS a limit to HOW big a guy can be before dread starts to sink in as he tries to enter you. Even though I have only had that limit tested once in my life while on an extended trip to Alaska.....

8 You are on to something - tight is nice! So...all you "Size Queens" out there: be sure to do your Kegels! Because there will be those inevitable times when you do come across a smaller-than-ideal penis.

You know the scenario: Big tall man physically, large bulging muscles and you flirt and finally win his attention.

But when you get down to business and pull off his underwear, you realize that one of his muscles is not all that bulging after all.

Yup, you drop his drawers and up bobs "Tom Thumb". Now if you have slack vaginal muscles from getting lucky and bone-jumping all that monster cock, li'l ol' Tom Thumb is gonna be rattling around your insides. Not a thrilling feeling for either of you, I can assure you.

With a well trained pussy you can really clamp down on that cute little penis so you can get at least some small amount of clit nudging traction and maybe salvage a tiny bit of satisfaction out of what is panning out to be a very short evening.

9 If I don't have sex/don't put anything in my pussy for a week or 2 it gets very tight, that's the wonderful thing about it.

As vaginas are very flexible you can control how loose or tight you want to be, especially more so when you do Kegel exercises and are able to clamp your pussy tight around a penis.

10 To the point, I donít get laid because of my penis size. I have sex because women find me desirable. For all you guys out there that have a problem (I understand completely) NO WORRIES.

Read some books, talk to your partner. There are dozens or more ways to drive a woman wild in bed. I think that I have pretty much shelved the whole penis size thing. If I ever run into a women that needs something the size of a chair leg I can always head to the local sex shop and pick up some industrial size toys and off to bed we go!

penis size comparisons

11 I was with a very well hung guy for five years. My current boyfriend's penis isn't tiny but it's not huge either. It is still good though, I have good muscles, so when I cum it sometimes pushes his dick out of me.

Every guy I have had a relationship with has told me I have a small fanny. Lots of sex tones your muscles up I think, in my experience it doesn't make it looser, I would imagine that if you never used the muscles it would become loose.

12 In the end if a guy had a small dick but he was nice, funny, respectful, considerate, loving etc. etc. etc. I wouldn't care.

13 As long as I am in love then I wouldn't care at all about his penis size.

14 I was with a guy with the smallest dick but he gave the best oral sex I have ever had. Even though he was VERY small, I still enjoyed it.

15 But if I had to choose a size for my partner, I wouldn't choose a small or medium one. I haven't tested my limits as to how big I can take so I can't really tell you an exact size

16 Please do realize that this opinion is coming from a confirmed appreciator of large penises - a "Size Queen" like my husband is fond of calling me. So if you disagree with me, you simply have different tastes and it's all ok.

I think what my sister wrote above (the bigger penis is better) is an accurate "generalization" of her attitude. And mine too for that matter. And, yes, there IS such a thing as too big. But, as they say, there are exceptions to every rule.

And I have a little bit of experience in this: I have had close to 150 (male) sexual partners before I became involved with my present husband.

In all but ONE instance out of those, say, 150 or so men I have had sex with, I was blissfully able to accommodate everything they had to offer.

Over 99% of the time the generalization "The bigger the penis, the better the penis" held true for me. I am sure for other similarly minded "Size Queens" the statement is an accurate generalization of their taste in penises.

Now, some part of the confusion men experience over the matter may stem from the fact that different women hold vastly different views as to what a satisfactory penis size is. As you can see here, some women don't care and some care greatly.

No need for confusion. Just accept that people differ in taste, and this is an issue of personal taste. Some men like big boobs, some small and some don't care. There is no "One size fits all".

Adding to the confusion is the fact that many women will not be totally honest to their partner no matter what they say about it. If that partner is not the best sexual partner the woman has had, few will admit it unless virtually tortured to do so. Men get all insecure and act like we are insulting their manhood if we ask for what we want.

Surely neither sex nor penis size is everything in a relationship.

But some things are very nice enhancements. I think sexual dishonesty is fuelled in part by the male ego. In all too many cases, ego refuses to allow men to accept that they may not be THE greatest lover of all time to their partners and that their penis may not the ideal one.

And I do concede that many women do not focus too much on penis size as long as it's "big enough to get the job done". Whatever that is. But it is a matter of personal taste. Oh, we women can and often do lie to salvage fragile male egos, but it is a necessary lie, believe me.

I mean this penis size stuff is pretty touchy territory. Really many women who DO like big ones could tell an average sized partner that their larger lover's penis was a bigger physical sensation thrill?

Being a woman, I am privy to the inside scoop of very candid "girl talk over Margarita's at the bar during Happy Hour on Girl's Night Out".

And believe you me, when the matter of dick size comes up (no pun intended) many women with well-endowed partners can be heard gushing over their current lover's big thick hard hot penis, much to the envy of the other girls if he is a remarkably Big Boy.

Often, if the woman in question is in a relationship with a man with a smaller penis, she might express some degree of longing for her Significant Other's package getting magically bigger while still expressing that "their love" and his "other great qualities" more than make up for his "shortcomings" in the dick department.

But we women can generally never be totally, absolutely honest to our man about what we want and enjoy in bed and what we would wish for if we had loads of new sex positions open to us and the Sex Fairie was waving her magic wand over the bed.

The same holds true for men regarding women, but let's save that for another thread.

17 That has to be more of a joke than anything. I mean, think about it: "Bigger is better, but not too big!" You see my point?

Anyway, in all seriousness, I accept your opinions about the size of the penis which you would prefer. I am not afraid to admit that I am 5" long and about 4.8" in girth.

When you look at my measurements and compare it to the 'requirements' of many girls here.... I am very small. However, does it bother me? No it doesn't.

In the end, every girl has a preference to what they want in the dick department. Some will like them big, some will like it whatever, and other don't care.

 I mean, I am currently single at this time, but when I am in a serious relationship or even married, I would prefer my girlfriend/wife to be TOTALLY HONEST with me. With honesty comes better results, even for the sex.

To end it here, I admire your honesty here and I have respect for you, despite the fact I would probably never be able to please you in any way in the bedroom!

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