What's It Like To Have A Large Penis?

Penis size

Comments from Mike, in Florida, who responded to my request for comments from men with a large penis.

Any more comments (and/or photos) are very welcome, from men of any size! Email: info"at"the-penis-website.com

You mentioned that you are looking for comments regarding penises over 8" in length. I am a 44 year old white male with a 9" penis and I can tell you that length can be a problem sometimes.

Unless it is cold and at its smallest size, a 9" penis can be sat on and I also always need to check how high the water is in the toilet (while sitting) because there is nothing that I hate more than dipping my penis in toilet water!

Personally, I have not experienced any erectile problems due to size but I have noticed that it generally does not just pop up at inopportune times anymore but I think that is just a factor of age and experience more than anything.

By the time you are in your thirties or forties you have had sex enough times that just the anticipation is often no longer enough to make things pop up unless it is with a new partner or something like that.

By the way, when I was in high school I remember having problems whenever I sat behind a pretty female classmate.

I always prayed that we would not have a fire drill and I would also have to think about baseball or something other than the pretty girl in front of me before the class ended because otherwise there would have been a very large and obvious bulge in my pants when I stood up.

 Of course, if you have a large penis you always want to wear loose fitting clothing especially when you are on a first date or in other situations where you might develop an erection but not be able to let it out.

Advice for men who want to know how to make a woman orgasm - especially if she cannot reach climax now.

I would also like to confirm what I read on your site about large penises causing a woman pain. I have generally only had sex with women I cared about and therefore have not been with a huge number of women.

However, it has been my observation that there must be a correlation between a woman's height and the depth or length of her vagina. I have generally found that white women under 5'5" in height cannot take a 9" penis all the way in (in most sex positions).

I have also been with two fairly tall Asian women and neither of them could take very many inches at all before I hit their cervices and caused them pain.

I must admit that I am a very caring person and this concerns me so much that I always try to watch a woman's face and listen to her for any sign of pain and often I come right out and ask her if it hurts.

It seems that most women want to please us as much as we want to please them (at least I want to please them but I donít know about some of your guys) and they do not like to admit it that it is too deep and that they are in pain.

By the way, I have also been with one black woman of average height and she had absolutely no problem taking me all the way in even when her legs were up on my shoulders.

Therefore, based on my limited experience I would conclude that black women have the deepest vaginas, Asian women generally have the shortest (and tightest) and white women tend to be in the middle and that depth of the vagina in a certain race seems to correspond to penis length for that race which would make sense.

One more observation I have made is that not only are things not as tight when a women is excited and wet (as I read on your site) but the cervix also seems to descend or rise up depending on the sexual position at the time allowing for greater penetration before hitting the cervix.

If a woman is tense or not completely comfortable with the act, she seems much more likely to experience pain with deep penetration which in turn causes her to tense up all the more thereby creating a vicious cycle.

Luckily, because of this, the more comfortable a women becomes with the relationship the more able she is to take it all in.

Lastly, I disagree with the statement that having a large penis can make it difficult to get the proper action going. On the contrary, I suspect that a large penis allows much more control than having a small one.

 I for one hate having it pop out during vigorous sex which of course can be painful if the woman is on top and she comes back down on it but misses (they do not seem to be as cognizant of this potential problem or as skilled at preventing it than we (men) are and that position with a new partner always scares me!

I would assume that popping out must be a much bigger problem for men with small penises. Also, women and men (if I can speak for all of us) enjoy the sliding in and out and of course the longer the penis, the longer each stroke is and the more time there is spent sliding.

Anyway, there are some comments. There are some drawbacks but over all I am happy with my size.

Your website is very interesting and educational and I enjoyed checking it out!

In response to the above email I asked Mike some questions:

Would you be prepared to submit a photo?
Did any sex partner ever turn you down because of your size?
Did you get teased at school because of your size?
Did you have any family history (e.g. dad) of large penis size?
Did you you have an early or late puberty, and how quickly did your cock grow to full size?
Have you ever had any comments from other men, sexual advances from men or women because of it, or any insensitive observations from doctors or other health care practitioners?
How do you think it has affected your sense of being a man - if we assume that penis size equals masculinity, as many men do, I think? (We know a small cock can be very hard to cope with since it produces feelings of inadequacy.)
Did it give you more or less confidence when dating?
Do you favor any particular sexual positions?
Do you have dribbling or shooting ejaculations?
By the way, www.lpsg.org may be of interest - for support from other well-endowed men.
Does penis size affect the speed of ejaculation, in your opinion?

And he was kind enough to answer:

You are more than welcome to put my comments on your site. I am glad that they would be of interest to your readers. I must admit that I am a bit shy about posting photos though and I am afraid that I will have to pass on that for now.

 I actually did post one online a while ago and got one of the highest ratings, all sorts of interesting comments and compliments but still sort of regretted posting it afterwards.

I don't think there is any direct connection between penis size and premature ejaculation.

However, of course a man with a very large penis will be stretching the vagina more, so that could lead to more friction, and that in turn could lead to a faster ejaculation. I don't think inherently a large penis means one is predisposed to ejaculate faster.

Yes, a potential partner did turn me down one time. She had been with another man in the past who also had a large penis and it freaked her out that she could see the end of his penis pushing things around and distending the skin in her abdomen.

I actually think that is kind of neat to see and no other women I have been with have ever been bothered by that but for some reason this particular woman found that to be very disturbing.

Most women find it interesting to see but on the other hand, I imagine that from their perspective the distention probably looks more pronounced since they are looking at it from the side whereas the man is looking at it from above (in the missionary position).

Obviously, it is more pronounced in women who are slender than it is in heavier women.

Overall though, I think that having a large penis is far more of an asset than a liability when it comes to persuading a woman to go to bed. Usually, when they see the large bulge in my pants or my penis itself, they make some sort of comment about the size, want to measure it and are then very anxious to try it out.

 Sometimes they have fear that it will hurt but their curiosity always wins out (except for that one woman who already was with a man with a large penis and did not care for the experience).

I noticed other boys checking me out in the school locker room but no one ever made fun of me or anything like that.

The only exception was that in elementary school one boy pointed to my penis and said something. I looked over at him and his penis was barely noticeable it was so small. I did not say anything and no one else paid any attention to what he said.

I was always a bit modest and always tried to cover back up as quickly as possible after using the shower.

By the way, the larger than average size of my penis is much more noticeable when it is erect or semi erect than when it is completely flaccid.

There is still some size there in its flaccid state though and a female doctor actually did comment on my size one time. I do not think that she was coming on to me though as she was very nonchalant about it.

I never intentionally checked out my father's penis but did catch a very unwanted and accidental view of it one time while following him up the ladder to get out of a swimming pool when I was a child and it was huge.

 I also have three sons and all three of them seemed to have very large penises when they were little. I only know that from changing their diapers as well as those of a couple of other unrelated boys who had much smaller penises.

By the way, I think that there might be something to the reputation that Italian men tend to have large penises, as my father is all Italian. I am half Italian as are my two eldest boys.

My youngest son however is actually half Asian (Thai/Chinese) and only one quarter Italian.

He could pass for being all Asian except if you look in his pants! I am not prejudiced (obviously, since I was married to and had a child with an Asian women) and I do not mean anything derogatory by that but as you know, Asian men typically have smaller penises than Caucasian men who in turn tend to have smaller penises than black men.

I must be honest and tell you that I was a bit relieved to see that my youngest son seems to be quite large as I do think that it would be beneficial for him when he is older and starts dating here in this country where there are few Asian women and women of other races are sometimes not particularly fond of Asian men.

 (I am assuming that is because of their smaller stature and possibly also their smaller penis size).

By the way, my son is actually also in the 98th percentile for height so I imagine that would help as well if he stays that way.

I actually do not know how exactly how old I was when I went through puberty but I think that I was probably around twelve. I remember going to a local carnival with a girl who was also twelve and being very turned on by her.

She also obviously had gone through puberty because she kept putting her hands down my pants and trying to grab something! We never did much more than make out but I am sure that I could have done more had I not been so scared that we would get caught!

Unfortunately, I also do not recall any growth rate or anything like that except that it is definitely much larger now than it was back then.

I have received sexual advances from both men and women on numerous occasions but I am not sure how much that has to do with the bulge in my pants or the fact that I am a nice guy and fairly good looking (or so I have been told).

Very rarely have I caught complete strangers looking at the bulge in my pants and when I have they have almost always just turned away and not said anything.

I am straight and have never been with a guy and most women have only made comments and expressed their desires after things were already well underway (making out causing the bulge to be more noticeable or more easily felt).

However, I think that having a large penis does give you a lot of confidence as I know that no one is going to be disappointed in my size. I can imagine how men with smaller than average penises could have those feelings of inadequacy that you mentioned.

By the way, this has nothing to do with penis size but one little observation I have made is that nearly any woman can have multiple orgasms.

Of course, you have to tell them what you want to do ahead of time and why but it has been my experience that nearly all women are capable of having multiple orgasms.

You just need to keep going after they have the first one and want to stop (thus the reason that you must get their permission to continue ahead of time no matter what they say later).

They will say that it tickles too much or they are too exhausted but if you can convince them that those feelings will only last a short while and to keep going, they will almost always have another orgasm and each successive one will come more easily and quickly and will be more intense until they almost run together into one continuous orgasm.

You really do not even need a penis to give a woman pleasure like that as any clitoral stimulation seems to work just fine. Therefore, it does not matter how large a man's penis is.

If he can do that to a woman he will have plenty of confidence and they will always come back for more! Guaranteed!

I have often heard women complain that most men only care about their own orgasm but personally I find giving a woman multiple orgasms to the point of complete exhaustion and ecstasy to be just as satisfying as having my own orgasm.

Of course the ultimate goal is to have your orgasm right when they are reaching that point of complete exhaustion. If a woman has to lay there for a while and cannot move, walk or shut her legs for a while afterwards you know that you did a good job and that she will want to do that again in the future no matter how large or small your penis is!

I definitely prefer the face to face intimacy of the missionary position (and the lights on). I enjoy seeing a woman's face and seeing the pleasure on her face lets me know that I am doing a good job. I also look for any sign of pain.

You can often hear sounds of pleasure but women are often silent if you go too deep and they feel pain but you can still see it in their face. I also find it easiest to get the proper movement going in the missionary position.

I generally do not put the woman's legs up on my shoulders as I usually go too deep that way. I also like standing face to face or picking her up if she is light enough.

I do not mind having the woman on top but often do it more for her pleasure than my own because I worry the entire time that she will become too rambunctious, rise up too high to the point that my penis comes out and then come back down on my penis and injure it.

There is nowhere to go if you are on the bottom! I have had that happen before and it was very painful and not something that I ever want to have happen again!

My least favorite position is doggie style. I do not like it much because it is difficult to see the woman's face and I also find it painful on occasion due to my penis being bent by their pelvis (I think). I only do doggie style if my partner asks me to do it.

Otherwise, I am pretty boring and stick to the missionary or standing and facing each other positions. I also enjoy 69 and things like that for foreplay.

I have found that I only dribble if there is no foreplay to speak of. The longer the foreplay or anticipation the further it shoots, to a limit of course.

By the way, I can keep it up for a very long time and was actually approached to be in a professional porn movie because of that and my size one time but I was far too modest and declined. However, I did try the technique they use to make the male orgasm more impressive and it really does work.

You must stimulate the penis almost to the point of climax and if you do that numerous times over a period of a day or two, your vas deferens will ache but when you actually do follow through and climax it will not just shoot out but will come gushing out and make a huge mess! It actually shoots feet into the air and the ejaculation is many many times what it normally would be.


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